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cat chilling

Cat Chilling

Sometimes, take a leaf from your cat's book, chill  wink

Keep Smiling

Me after my Deal or No Deal Silver Interview.  Until the email 5 months later! Keep smiling.

Ernest-Les Woods in Lincoln


I walked into work this morning, and found a crude drawing of me on one of our boards.......I think I should take it as a big compliment.  What do you think?
Kevin Whiting
The Oxford Kitchen Restaurant
Woodstock, Ontario

Liam Payne

Noel and Liam at the Monaco Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton

Noel and Lewis

Monaco Grand Prix 2015

May 2015

The sweetest of all hugs

Nathan Snakehips

Lovely Cornwall and friends

Bob McCreadie


Straight from Monaco

I Love My Park


A Beautiful Sunset


The Simple Things in Life

Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that make me Positively Happy. So, here at The Oxford Kitchen, we've decided to celebrate them one day at a time.
Oh,  and we love listening to your radio's so uplifting.
Kevin Whiting

Noel and Liz Edmonds

Beach happy

Jane Allan


Nellie is dressed up for Monday
Jane Allan

Moments of Happiness

This was taken 6 years ago not long after I'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. My lovely husband Tony and I stayed positive and fought it together!

Palma McKeown

My Baby Girl

Princess Rose

Lorraine Jordan

Enjoying The Moment

Here I am enjoying a moment with a Blue Tit. They have helped me no end and now I always smile when I see a Blue Tit.

Nick Stoppani

Daughter and Horse

My daughter Heidi and her beloved horse

karen Dorner

Words I Live My Life By

Fiona Youles


Fiona Youles

Cute as a button

Kittens make my day

(Dr) Rose!

Niall Ledger


Positively Posh!

A lovely #synchronisedcuppa

I can touch my nose with my tongue, can you?

Positively Blissful

A very positive couple

My Most Positive Day

One of the most positive days of my life so far

Double Rainbow

A 'Positive' sign, double rainbow over the mediterranean in Dubrovnik

My Daughter

Bella and her everyday head gear!

Peeking through the window