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Welcome to Positively Happy

“Our aim is very simple. We want to enable everybody to live a healthier, happier and more positive life and our family of radio stations are an important part of this ambition”.

Welcome to our family of radio stations

We have been busy creating Positively Happy not for us, but for you. Without your unique contribution, your energy and your ambition, Positively Happy would be far less meaningful!

We want you to create the soundtrack for your own lifestyle from here! We are launching hundreds of positivity radio stations from which you can select the ideal music and the perfect words to suit both your mood and the moment.

Our worldwide positivity initiative makes it possible for anyone, anywhere on the planet, at any time, to choose a radio station, which perfectly complements every aspect of his or her lifestyle and connect via our multiple social channels to like minded friends! These days people from anywhere are everywhere!

Every positivity radio station is news free,
commercial free and totally free to you!

Our ambition is to involve and engage millions of people, just like you, and celebrate all that is positive, fun and enlightening in our wonderful world. Please join us on Twitter, Facebook and the radio! Send us your pictures, your words and the music you would like to hear and get involved!

Download our radio stations from these apps

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

About Noel Edmonds -
Founder of Positively Happy

Noel Edmonds is a true British entertainment legend! Son of a school headmaster, Noel started out as a newsreader on Radio Luxembourg before shifting across to BBC Radio 1 where he proved a massive success, landing his own Saturday show and eventually the Breakfast Show between 1973 and 1978.

One of Noel's famous television roles was, after presenting Top of the Pops on and off, his Multi-Coloured Swap Shop. It was a huge success between 1976 and 1982 and was followed by the legendary Noel’s House Party and the Late, Late Breakfast Show for the BBC. He now hosts Channel 4’s award winning show Deal or no Deal.

The launch of the Positively Happy platform and partnering radio stations is Noel’s most important venture yet with a lot more to come...

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