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Welcome to the Positivity Formula

The Positivity Formula

5 years ago Noel Edmonds’ life underwent a fundamental change. Already enjoying a wonderful lifestyle based upon his positive thinking, he decided to embark upon a journey to discover a scientific explanation for his enhanced state of wellbeing.

Noel wanted to know more about his own physical, and mental performance and how his body interacted with the natural forces around him. So, he turned ‘Noel Edmonds-Health Detective’, and aided by some extraordinary experts, many pre-eminent in their respective fields, began a fascinating voyage of discovery.

Being positive

The starting point was the suspicion that there actually is a Positivity Formula - a range of scientifically proven elements and activities, which if tailored to individual lifestyles, are guaranteed to produce optimum health, positivity and happiness.

Noel wasn’t looking for new methods of self-help or fresh motivational mantras but simply solid facts from respected academics, scientists and medical practitioners.

The result, after 5 years of research, is the first ever Positivity Formula - scientifically proven elements which, if combined and adopted on a daily basis, can improve anyone’s health and happiness.

The formula is a straight forward routine that can be adopted by anyone. It’s not a radical change of life, it’s a retuning and a new way of life. It’s a world first! The six elements have been put together to create a unique formula. This is a book that questions conventional wisdom, and explores new ideas.


  • • Reduce your stress levels and sleep better.
  • • Tackle any dependencies.
  • • Lose weight (if you need to)
  • • Improve your appearance.
  • • Boost your energy and performance levels.
  • • Slow your ageing process.
  • • Remove depression.
  • • Feel healthier and happier
  • • Live longer.
A positive attitude

6 Elements = 1 Simple Formula

1. Do you trust your tap water?

2. Is it true going to the gym is a total waste of time?

3. We humans do have a sensory ability but somehow we’ve lost it. What can we do to regain it?

4. How well do you treat your villi?!

5. Can you relieve stress and depression with light and sound?

6. Were you aware that negative people can be re-tuned to be positive?

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