Twitter RADIO

Be part of this exciting radio station

Positively Happy Radio

broadcast your inspirational words or send
a message to the people you care about.

To ensure that your message is featured
on Positively Happy, please follow our guide below:

Example 1:

“Hi my name is Katie and I’m from Vancouver and I’m sending posi-vibes to my best friend Ann who is celebrating her birthday today, have a positively happy day”

Example 2:

“Hello I’m Mark in Edinburgh and my favourite inspirational saying is, ‘always try your best and then try a whole lot harder’.”

How to record your message

Step 1:

Record your message on your device making sure its no longer than 15 seconds and the sound quality is as good as possible.

Step 2:

Email your message to this address letting us know which station you wish your message to be played on

Step 3:

If we accept your message for broadcast we will alert you by email and on twitter.